When the robot takes your job

The Economist – the rich person’s guide to wealth creation – predicts that half the world’s work will be automated in years to come. Millions of humans will be jobless as machines take over.
Past industrial revolutions, the journal says, replaced automated work with new occupations, absorbing the unemployed. Tractor drivers replaced ploughmen; agricultural employment nosedived; farmers went to work making tractors.
This time, says the Economist, there will be no new revolution to absorb the workless. Machines will do it all.
But there is another future revolution. ┬áIf we continue to live on this planet most of our industrial base (and our way of life) has to change; to green. This immense task – if we took it seriously – will offer work to all who want it, or need it. Machines would do part of the heavy lifting, but not all. Humans would do the rest.
If we took the task seriously. But we don’t; and likely won’t. Until it’s too late.